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About Us

About the Keystone Rural Health Consortia

The Keystone Rural Health Consortia, Inc. began operations on February 2, 1976, in Emporium, PA.


“The mission to KRHC is to provide quality, affordable, accessible, and comprehensive health services to the counties we serve.” Our mission statement exemplifies our attitude both toward each other and toward the communities in which we serve. Since our beginnings, in Emporium, we have expanded services into Snow Shoe, PA; opening the Mountaintop Area medical Center, two dental offices; one in Emporium; the Cameron County Dental Center; and the other in Johnsonburg; the Johnsonburg Dental Center.

Our organization continues to grow in order to provide much needed health and dental services to rural communities throughout Northern and Central Pennsylvania. The current service and success of the Keystone Rural Health Consortia, Inc. would not have been possible without the support of the community, past, present, and with the dedicated staff and committed board of directors, and the commitment shown by numerous individuals over the years.

Our History

In 1976 a group of Cameron County residents concerned about the availability and access to primary care services in Emporium and surrounding areas established the ground work and basis for which the Cameron County Health Center has grown. The land in which the Cameron County Health Center now stands was made available through the help of Mrs. Ida Grimone and the Emporium Foundation. The building was constructed through generous donations from the community. The health center would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the original officers, which included Francis Higgins, Nesta Morrison, Don Sestina, Patricia McBride, Bob Baldwin, Anne Spotts, Michael Fragale, and Albert Metz.

In the fall of 2002, it was with Homer Grimm’s vision and initiative to better serve the community with which the Cameron County Dental Center was built. This Dental Center now adjoins the Cameron County Health Care Center building. When the Dental Center opened Jason Nedzinski, DMD began practicing dentistry here, but has since opened his own practice in Saint Marys, PA.

The Johnsonburg Dental Center, located in Elk County, PA, was opened in 2005 after it was determined that there was a need to serve this area with a community dental care facility. During its first four years, the practicing dentist was Alison Shufran, DMD, but she has since moved to her own private practice in Ridgway, PA. In 2009, Gene Yount, DMD, who is veteran of the US Navy and has had a 30-year private practice in Falls Creek, PA, joined the Keystone Rural Health Consortia team as the dentist for this location. Gene Yount, DMD has currently retired and we are actively seeking a full time dentist.

The Mountaintop Area Medical Center, established in March of 1972, is located along Route 144 in Snow Shoe, PA.  It was initially organized and maintained under the leadership of the local community board of directors.  The Keystone Rural Health Consortia partnered with the local community to assume management of the clinic in August 2003.  The current staff at the Mountaintop Area Medical Center provides a high quality of Family Medicine for all ages in a nurturing atmosphere.

Regulation and Review Statement

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, Keystone Rural Health Consortia, Inc. (KRHC) has its operations and finances carefully reviewed and regulated by the federal government.

Oversight is conducted by the Bureau of Primary Health Care, within the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA). Both agencies are part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

KRHC is a Health Center Program grantee under 42 U.S.C. 254b, and a deemed Public Health Service employee under 42 U.S.C. 233(g)-(n).

Additionally, in order to maintain and improve our quality of care and our patient services, KRHC conducts ongoing patient evaluation surveys at each of our sites. Patients are asked to voluntarily respond to a questionnaire and are given the opportunity to provide detailed information about their experience at any of our KRHC facilities. Survey results are carefully reviewed by the Executive Director, and the Quality Improvement Committee, and then shared with the Board of Directors and staff.

Our patients have both rights and responsibilities in their medical treatment. KRHC’s Statement of Patient Rights and Responsibilities is posted at each health center and administrative office.

If you have questions or concerns about significant issues in the delivery of care, policies and procedures, finances and billing, or other areas of KRHC’s operations, please call our CEO at (814)486-1115.

Accepted Payment Types

Accepted payment types

About Us

The Keystone Rural Health Consortia, Inc. began operations on February 2, 1976, in Emporium, PA and is under the direction of the KRHC Board of Directors and CEO, Kristie Bennardi.



Phone: 814-486-1115
Fax: 814-486-0404

90 East Second Street
P.O. Box 270
Emporium, PA 15834